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The name given to the Posterman side kicks. They are hot chicks, who like to party and organise mayhem and mischief.......their leader is wah wah wah
the infamous honkey kats organised mayhem in hells kitchen, trashed the back packers and made it out with the liquor, when there backs were against the wall..........
by Mayor of gothom city November 16, 2004
He is a Scottish Red Haired big Glass looking Freak! By day he does his Clark Kent Record Label Running by night he changes into the Posterman a wild drinking freak causing mayhem and mischief wherever he goes.......
p.s. Hi sidekicks are called Honkey-Kats
Since Batman and Robin are now old and over the hill.....who can save Gothom City from the Posterman......
by Mayor of Gothom City November 11, 2004
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