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a name for a great person, don't get on her bad side or you'll be sad you did. /she is sweet but headstrong, she loves vampires and gettin bitten on the neck, and also loves to grind it! She is a good friend, she'll always have your back, she'll fight for you, she'll die for you. Most trustworthy person you will ever know. Loves horses, kinda boy crazy, but will stick to your side no matter what. A tough Cowgirl who don't take shit from no one. You'll always find her with a horse or a romance book in her hand. Doesn't eat beef, Loves cows and likes to tell you about how some restraunts feed you ostrich. She'll cry with you, laugh with you, run/dance naked through the back pasture while listenin to "she don't know she's beautiful" and make naked wish's with you at 11:11
She's adventerous, is up to any challenge, won't back down from a fight, and can tough it out better then any hardcore cowboy. She'll do anyting with you, ex.1 pee in a random toilet on the side of the road, hitchhike, she'll tell you her deepest darkest secrets and willl trust you with them. she Loves hott guys! exspecially hott half-naked cowboys. She'll want to ride horse while naked and will go play in the woods in the dark (because she ain't scared of the darkness)
She'll also love layin in the middle of your road with you while watchin the clouds and/or stars go by. She'll hide under a bed with you, and sneak out windows in hippy skirts with you and will walk through corn fields in the middle of night with you. Ryllis will be the best friend you'll ever find and/or have. So better keep a hold of any Ryllis you come in contact with Because they are rare and don't come often.
EX. 1st person " OMG! Did you see that girl?"

2nd person "Omg yea i did! She tore that turtle lookin guy up!"
1st person " Yea i know, that girl is such a Ryllis!"

Carlee "I wish i had an amaryllis like that lucky girl over there has."

Randy "Yea i know, i wish i had one to, but they are soo hard to find!"

Maynee " Wanna go mud wrestle and run barefoot through the woods?"

Amaryllis "Of course i do! I love doing exciting random things like that!"

by Maynee-Lou February 26, 2009

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