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3 definitions by Mayer


A common hairstyle of an emo person, male or female - the hair is cut short and angled in the front, longer in the back, with lots of layers and rather shaggy. A variant is the reverse emo mullet (short in the back, long and angular in the front - Davey Havok of the band AFI sports one of these.)
Hair Stylist: How would you like your hair cut, Mayer?
Mayer: I was thinking of something like an "emo mullet."
Stylist: *raises eybrow*
by Mayer June 17, 2006
A very stupid person. The only use for their brain is to stick a copper nail in one end, a zinc nail in the other, and you might get 1.5 volts by using their brain as a battery. Works well if they eat plenty of salty foods.
(1) This whole classroom yields no more than 6 volts.

(2) I'd say he's a half-volt. Maybe less.
by mayer January 19, 2004
To add hot fudge to any milk shake for $0.39. See Steak 'n Shake.
"Certified to Hot Fudgify."
-Steak 'n Shake placemat
by mayer April 23, 2004