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Said when someone or something is no longer funny and is now getting on your nerves.
Kevin is so not funny anymore. His whole act is just wearing thin.
by Maybelline October 06, 2007
1-a troll and post whore on ebaumsworld forums. He since has been banned for posting too much. No one will ever forget him.
2-used to describe someone who is a post whore..which orignated from the member Trismo
1 HAHA Trismo got banned!

2- *Member to a trismo* - God, youve made 50 post today, stop posting, Trismo..or "Hey, you have posted 60 posts and made 10 new threads today, are you Trismo ressurected?"
by Maybelline September 25, 2005
Mcdonalds meat is nasty. I only go there for the fries. But dont eat too much..or else youll get FAT
Um...Ill pass on Mcdonalds' burgers..but give me super sized fries!!
by Maybelline September 25, 2005
1: Out of stock, as in a brand being sold out.
2: Out of style
1: Aw man! The shoes I wanted in my size are OOS!
2: "Did you see Ashley yesterday? Her Juicy trackpants are so OOS!"
by Maybelline October 06, 2007
1-stuff comes from cows

1-i lvoe cheese!!

2-alright, who cut the cheese?
by Maybelline July 06, 2006
1) The state of being the oopsite of hot.

2) Descibing something that wasn't nessacary to say, said to just hurt someone.
1) BRR Im cold

2) Brad- "You're just a fat pimple faced whore no one wants you"

Tommy-"Hey man, that was cold".
by Maybelline February 18, 2006
1) A reealy gross meat stuff thats fake and packaged in a can! EW
2) Stuff that people write online, and repeat over and over so it slows down your computer and annoys the hell out of you.
1) Mr Happy Pants: "Okay kids its time to eat spam!"
Kids: "YAY!!!"

by Maybelline February 19, 2006

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