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1. Someone who is so desperate for friendship that they would resort to divuldging all facets of their personal life to gain approval from said group of "friends."
2. A shitty tattoo artist.
3. One who is so confused of his own religion that he celebrates Jewish and Christian holidays but takes offense to movies such as "Schindler's List" and "The Passion" (usually done for attention).
4. A frugal, spendthrift who buys things to make other people look bad and then brags about it b/c like people care. Also known as a one-upper.
Man, where'd that guy get his tatt done at? It looks like he went to some Speci-Al artist.

You guys wanna see me giving my wife an Alabama Crab Dangler?

Check out these Oakley flip flops, they were only 5000 dollars at the Oakley store. I don't care though, my mom gives me money.
by Mayar September 18, 2006
noun. (mee-yur) or (mee-yured)
1. A military term describing someone who is grossly overweight, utter disgrace to the uniform which he wears, and in no way resembles a professional Soldier.
2. The art of malignering to such an extent that one could get out of many things yet there is absolutely nothing wrong with said person.
3. The ability to spin such a wild yarn that would fill even Jim Henson and Steven Spielberg with envy wishing they had such fictional talent. (see Bullshit)
That fucking cock-holster got shipped back over to America when there was nothing with him. The bastard still goes fishing. He definately muirred the unit.

Man, the 1SG has gained a lot of weight. He's starting to look like a muir.

BOOOOOOOOM! Did you hear that story? What a fuckin muir.
by Mayar September 18, 2006
Military term used to descibe a Soldier that has so much pent up sexual frustration that every spare minute of said Soldier's life is spent masturbating with the same hand. The result of which, is a dong that has been bent at a 90 degree angle from so much repetition. see Doc Chach

"Man I caught Doc beatin' off again last night, that's like the 20th time this week. He's gotta be working a coat hanger down there by now."
by Mayar September 19, 2006

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