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The act of pulling your face into the most strange contortions while wearing a horse collar. Originated from the Egremont Crab fair, held yearly in a small fishing village, Egremont, in Cumbria, UK.
The best face doesn't often win these days, the old men and women do the best gurns, especially once their teeth have fallen out and they can get most of their nose completely inside their mouth (:)
A full face inversion is defined as when the lips completely cover the head.
"Did you see that old guy, he's wearing a champion gurn"
"He's a real old gurner, he's practically inside out!"
"Has anyone seen my monitor? Oh it's inside Mike's lips"
He's got the whole world .. in his gurn.
Gurned so much you can't see anything for spim juice!!
"oooops, I just marped a lifeboat"
"Gurn my face inside out, sport...."
"Oh No! Exclaimed Gurn Blanston. I have gone blind!"
"No", returned an innocent bystander,
"you have just done a full face inversion" (:)
by May Gurney July 05, 2006

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