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The substance that takes the form of a small projectile as a result of a sexual act, often blinding the other person involved in the activity.
OhNoes!!!1, Tim blinded Helen with his jism!
The rocket that was Terry's jism landed with a spack on the table!
Candice's jism was a surprise to Andy!
by Maxyy March 17, 2008
A Bufoon is somewhat of a clown - somebody who does something stupid or foolish at which other people laugh. Sometimes the act could be put on to get attention or make people laugh, or sometimes it is a natural ... ah-hm... "Ability"... Whatever it is, we love bufoons, whether it is to take the "micky" out of them, or to feel sorry for and smile at.
OMG that guy is such a BUFOOOOON
wow that guys bufoon act was BITCHING
Aww, I love you trever, you're such a buffoon!
by Maxyy March 27, 2008
A women (or transsexual man) with overly large breasts.

The phrase was originally said by Ali G - acted by Sacha Baron Cohen
'Dat women has MASSIVE TATS
by Maxyy July 25, 2008

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