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One of themost boring places on Earth, Half of it is lovely Bungalows and new estates backing onto farmer's fields, the other half is typical Doncaster, full of chavs and juvenile delincuents who hang around the shops begging you to buy them fags and booze!!
"Here mate if i gi ya some dosh can ya go in't shop for mi and get us sum white lightnin"

"No lad bugger off back under ya rock in the middle part of barnby dun ya chavvy scum"
by Maxxy19 April 02, 2009
The greatest ex-poly university to grace the British Isles!! Sadly many RAH's are beginning to enter the mist as they realise Newcastle Uni , is well, simply the crap one of the two Newcastle Universities!!
"I'd rather be a poly than a c**t"

"Here pal whats that canny lookin buildin over there?"
"why thats Northumbria University pet everyone wishes they gan there!!"
by Maxxy19 April 02, 2009

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