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A word used by a guest on The Daily Show to describe "like a hooker, just a different word".
Jason J: "I'm sorry, Hookdag?"
Chris F: "Y'know, like a hooker, just a different word!"
by Maxx Lobo August 09, 2007
Etymology: American English, parodies botox-, {T} a substance which is injected into the skin of the face in order to make the skin look smooth and young, +tax- a levy on the net income of an individual or a business.

1: the process of checking ones itemized deductions before year end to ensure that any extra taxes owed can be artificially infused from your penultimate paycheck.
I was going to owe the IRS some money last year - so in late November I gave it the botax.
by Maxx Lobo February 15, 2005

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