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Commonly mistaken as one who uses a rifle or smg and actually aims, A sprayer is a person in the FPS game Gunz: The Duel that uses a shotgun which sprays a spreadshot of 12 bullets per shot much like a shower (of bullets).

This common misconception can be seen in arrogant k-styling buttholes throughout the game.

Contrary to whatever the 31337 may think, It is actually harder to aim a rifle than a shotgun given that a rifle actually shoots in the direction you are pointing whereas a shotgun merely shoots bullets in several directions in the hope that several may hit the target.

Given Screen and Server Lag it is actually CONSIDERABLY more diffucult to aim with a rifle.

Another diffuculty encountered with said Automatics is the inability to effectively Slashshot. As a result, very few K-stylers use Automatics and hence take out their aggrevation on the players that can effectively use them.

This is called Noob-Envy
Sprayer types:

Rifle - Aim and hold down mouse to release a line of bullets wherever you are aiming. *note that this is only noobish if you shake the mouse violently to make the bullets go in different directions without aiming

SMG - Aim and hold down mouse to release a slightly scattered line of bullets wherever you are aiming. *note this is more noobish than a rifle given that the power and accuracy of the bullets are far out of proportion than should be allowable

Shotgun - Shoot in the general direction of the person and hope a couple of the bullets hit. *note this is probably the most noobish of all given the power and innacuracy of a shotgun.
by Maxwell-Lover August 03, 2007

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