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Someone who leaves the toilet in a mess. Normally by leaving sliding faece marks in the bowl. Occasionally they flush, sometimes they do not.

"You been to the shitter recently? The phantom jobber is back again, f**king skids everywhere"
by Maximus99 January 05, 2009
Another word for human or animal defecation - shit.
"Your mate Pete's left another dirt pasty in the oven"

"Man your Girlfriend can bake a dirt pasty. Took me 4 hours to scrub the shitter clean"
by Maximus99 January 05, 2009
Obvious violation of the anus by voluntary and involuntary means.

Taken as a continuation of a quote from Monty from Withnail & I.
Man, when you go to jail, drop the soap, it can only mean a good case of arse burglary!
by maximus99 November 14, 2009

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