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Barack Hussein Obama's ugly, big armed, America hating, racist, Angela Davis wannabe, coated tongued, bitch ass wife.
Michelle Obama said, "America is a downright mean country."

She should get the fuck out of here then.
by Maximus Rex August 19, 2008
a powerful but short messy episode of diarrhea, consisting of foul smelling squirts, poots and chunky blasts only lasting about 15 seconds.

Could be the result of a strategically applied enema
Last night, I had real hot Indian food but about 3:00 AM my stomach was rumbling and I had to run to the can and had a serious Muslim abortion and stunk out the bathroom something awful.
by Maximus Rex May 14, 2007
a violent expulsion of intestinal gas. Reasoning that though it be striking and loud it is nothing but foul smelling hot wind.
Last night's bean burritos made me give one helluva Hillary speech this morning.
by Maximus Rex April 26, 2007
meeting with foul play resulting in death. Many people who spoke out against the Clintons have met a suspicious demise. Billary Clinton was governor of Arkansas for most of the 1980s.
Vince Foster, Ron brown, Ed Willey, James Mcdougal to name a few.

noted in the Clinton body count.
No news reporter will ask Hillary a tough question for fear of the Arkansas flu.
by Maximus Rex June 25, 2007
a state of conversation when everyone one starts using the word 'chode' in every sentence.
Ty: you want a load of chode cheese on your bagel?
Greg: you like your toast with hot melted chode butter?
Ty: how about some chode chocolate for that ice cream?
Charity: Will you fuckers please get out of chode mode before I kick both your chodes?
by Maximus Rex June 13, 2007
A device made specifically for chode hygiene. This device is only in theory as there are none in production as of yet. Designs are still in the works but mainly consist of a long curved circular brush but with very very soft bristles. Good for removing chode bunnies, butter and cheese. May also be applicable for dingleberries on midgets and dusting in between banisters.
On hot days my ex really wishes for a chode loofah so she can gently scrub the rotting matter and missing chihuahua corpse from the cheesy folds of her vile beefy chode laced with a hint of mackerel and ass.
by Maximus Rex June 14, 2007

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