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Arguably the greatest film producer in cinemagraphic history. Responsible for the buddy cop drama "Hard Heat". A recluse, he is rarely seen outside his beachside mansion.
Dude #1: You'll never guess who I saw the other day.
Dude #2: Who?
Dude #1: None other than Dudley Langenegger himself!
Dude #2: No way! What was he doing?
Dude #1: Well, he was wearing a paisley robe, sitting on his verandah, sipping on a green tea, reading the Sunday newspaper, on a Friday! Then he lit his pipe with a flaming 100 dollar bill!
Dude #2: Wow! That guy sure is great. All girls wanna be with him, and all guys wanna be him.
Dude #1: I reckon!
by Maximus Cornelius May 14, 2006
Arguably the greatest film ever made in the history of cinema. Written, produced, AND directed by none other than the world reknowned Dudley Langenegger: the paisley robe wearing, cigar puffing, brandy swilling, fez wearing, philanthropist of the 21st century.
Dude #1: Dude! Have you seen "Hard Heat" yet?
Dude #2: Oooh yeah! It is without doubt the greatest film ever made in the history of cinema!
by maximus cornelius May 14, 2006
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