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2 definitions by Maximum Schizophrenia

A picnic oriented date in which the male packs expensive and/or extravagant foods as an ellaborate scheme in hopes of having sexual encounters with the guest.
Man1: Hey I heard you're sexually active with that woman from the office.

Man2: Yeah broseph, took her on a dicnic! Girls can't resist the sparkling white wine and artisan breads.

Man1: Word.
by Maximum Schizophrenia April 23, 2009
43 2
A simple maneuver in which the male asks
the woman out to dinner and a movie.
During dinner, the male and slyly places a roofy into the females champagne or wine. Similar to the Slamscam.
Man 1: Hey friend, how'd your date go last night?

Man 2: It was awesome, but during dinner she became aggravatingly annoying!

Man 1: You didn't!


Man 1: I love mistreating women!
by Maximum Schizophrenia May 16, 2009
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