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-The Prefix max- meaning most amount possible

The meaning of the name Maxwell is From Maccus' Spring
The origin of the name Maxwell is English
Notes: English surname.
-The meaning of the name Andrew is Manly
The origin of the name Andrew is Greek
Notes: Andrew was the first apostle of Christ. Andrew Wyeth, artist. Andrew Jackson, 7th president of the U.S. Andrew Johnson 17th president of the U.S.
-The meaning of the name Long is Dragon
The origin of the name Long is Chinese
Notes: Dragons are the sexiest creatures on earth.

If someone was to call you a Maxwell Andrew Long, do not be offended. This is the greatest compliment someone can get. This means that you are the highest coolest strongest of anyone.
mwahahahahaha maxwell andrew long is always awesome
by Maxamania November 19, 2010
A way to say fuck (you are in displeasure) without people knowing...
1. What in the shadonkeydonk?

2. You stupid shadonkeydonk!

3. I sugest we go shadonkeydonk in your mother's bed while eating crackers and petting a cat named chuckles!

4. This shadonkeydonking guy was so shadonkeydonking weird. He asked me if I was shadonkeydonking insane.


6. Holy shadonkeydonk! You guys rock!

7. Just shadonkeydonking jump before I shadonkeydonking kick you in the balls!
by Maxamania December 02, 2010
An expression used to show displeasure. Sometimes considered very mildly profane. A less emphatic, less profane version of damnit. (Dang-it)
Dangshnizzle, how da hell did I get HIV?!?
by Maxamania December 02, 2010

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