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A large helping of man sauce generously slathered around the lower portion of a womans face.
Yeah, so I was was bangin this chick and I didn't want to get her pregnant so I pulled out and gave her a skeet beard instead.
by Max. L January 18, 2008
The droopy sacklike formations found on a womans chest otherwise known as tits.
Hey sweetcheeks, nice chest patties!
by Max. L January 18, 2008
Used to mock someone who has to purchase gas.
Hey bro, your shit's on empty. Looks like you gotta go to the gayass station.
by Max. L July 23, 2008
A sexual manuever acomplished by the male who is in a standing position holding his girlfriend upside down in what is seemingly a standing sixty nine but in mid process has a bowel movement on her forehead.
I was tired of dating Ratchell so last night I gave her a strunion and I believe that took care of it.
by Max. L July 31, 2008
equals one googlenth of a penny. Can be used to confuse when making a deal.
Cashier: That will be 25 dollars sir.

You quickly repeat what they say except replace dollar with daller.

Cashier: Yes that is correct.

You: ok here's a penny, keep the change.
by Max. L July 23, 2008
The litle white crumbs that are sometimes found in a womans panties or in their poon shaft.
I bolted when I looked down and saw that she had panty grits.
by Max. L July 23, 2008
Gas or petrol. To be used to mock someone who has to purchase gas.
Hey Dad, wasn't your first job pumping gayass at the shell sation?
by Max. L July 23, 2008

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