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A precocious child who has reached the age at which s/he can anticipate his/her parent's actions, and who takes preventative measures.
"The little shits hid their Halloween candy, so my raid was unsucessful"
by Max T. Linguist November 01, 2011
Laughing at myself

1. Acronym letting people know you are having a good time.

2. A self-depreicating, self-counscious realization that you wrote something stupid, but are too lazy to delete it and type again, therefore only add LAMS
The cat just jumped on my lap and scared the shit out of me. LAMS

I just picked up the preparation H instead of the clearasil. LAMS

I've been on facebook so long, my dinner burnt to a crisp. LAMS

Sorry I didn't text you, I dropped my phone in the toilet. LAMS

Damn, more nose hair! LAMS
by Max T. Linguist November 26, 2009

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