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A phrase that absolutely nobody uses, which according to a recent commercial for cingular stands for "This is so not fair."
Mom: "Who are you texting 50 times a day?"
Girl: "IDK, my BFF Jill?"
Mom: "Well tell your 'BFF Jill' I'm taking your phone away."
Girl: "TISNF!"
by Max Maddox May 26, 2007
l337 for gay. Often used by nerds and Counter Strike players.
d00d, j00 r 50000 gh3y!
n000, j00 r gh3y!
by Max Maddox January 22, 2006
1. Awesome, or super cool
2. The Best
Man, You are The Burd!
Max Maddox is the Burd!
by Max Maddox August 30, 2004
The sweetest comeback ever. If someone asks a question simply answer it with "your face" or "your mom's face". If you hear someone say "your mom" then go up to them and say "your face" then "I don't wanna hear it I win!" and slug them. Just like slug bug.
Guy 1- Your mom goes to college
Guy 2- Your face goes to college, IdontwannahearitIwin! OOOOhhh score all your w00t are belong to me!
Mom- You have to clean your room!
You- Your face has to clean my room! Oh you just got pwn3d
Lucas- you should add banana phone and cool graphics to your site.
Me- yeah, your face should add banana phone and kewl graphics! OOOHHH w00t!!!!1111 I just totally pwn3d you!
by Max Maddox September 18, 2005
When one takes a traffic cone, or anything with the same form or likeness, and places it upon their crotch, as if they had a boner.
HAHA dude, jeff just totally took a picture of his coner a few minutes ago.
by Max Maddox April 06, 2007
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