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Funderdunking (v.); to funderdunk

Funderdunking is a particular breed of ironic bullshiting wherein both parties to a discussion highlight a trite subject by speaking of it in either an elevated tone or of elevated significance.

1. to speak in an academic or intellectual idiom about trivial, personal, or pop culture matters (see Klosterman, Chuck; patron saint of Funderdunking)
2. to pretend to care deeply about an issue of no great importance in the hopes of convincing others you have a personality (see Smith, Kevin; filmmaker)
Person One: "Wow, I had no idea you were so into the ninja turtles."
Person Two: "Oh no, I was just funderdunking."

1. Any Bill Simmons article.

2. Dude, fuck Raphael, everyone knows that Michelangelo was the stoner turtle. He ordered ice cream on his pizza - he had to be stoned. Don't try to tell me to respect Raphael, he was just pissed all the time.
by Max Berger April 23, 2007

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