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(note: automata is plural of automaton)

This means
1)a being or person that only behaves or responds in a mechanical way.
2)A self-operating machine or mechanism, especially a robot.
Some are convinced that all other animals on the earth are mere automata
by Mavisperson December 14, 2005
computer course taught at universites all over the UK. One is taught microsoft :word,access,excel,publisher and powerpoint.
It stands for 'European Computer Driving Licence'.
you: I completed my ECDL course!
by Mavisperson May 29, 2005
a state of mind where one thinks about everything eg. life, god culture, music...etc and attempts to makes sense of everything, only succeeding in confussing themselves after which they get into a state that they don't want to think
you: what if hitler never died? what if i was never born? what if the sky was pink? what if..........

someone: that person has gone jillinkla
by Mavisperson May 29, 2005
three grunts linked together, which sound cool, and also to express extreme excitment.
someone: we're off school!
you: yes, buh-muh-guh
by Mavisperson May 29, 2005

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