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A grimy ass bitch. A girl you just cant stand to look at. She will most likely give you the "i wanna fuck" look and will smell like garbage. Avoid the grimesbeezler at all cost. If you smash the grimes your dick will turn into Barack Obama and Charlie Sheen will frown upon you. Not winning.
David:Damn that girl is grimes

Bobby: Yeah fool that chicks such a grimesbeezler

David: For real I wouldn't fuck her with your dick

Bobby: Word!
by Mavie B March 12, 2011
1.Name of a popular mens softball team in Kansas from 2000-2004.

2. When a ball get hit between the outfielders.

3. Someone who "hits the pussy hard". A Gut beater, vagina slayer, Pussy crusher, Gap pounder.
Ron: "Alright, Jimmy i want you to pound that gap right there."(points to the outfield)

Jimmy: "You mean boning that haggard Indian woman in the stands, or hitting a double?"

Ron: "Well that too, but first lets see that double."

Coach: "Man, that Jimmy is a true Gap Pounder."
by Mavie B March 23, 2012

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