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1. A large white American in Africa. Normally used to describe the average white Americans inability to blend in anywhere outside of white American communities.
Look at that Surdin walking the streets of Luanda at night! He´s going to get killed!
by Maverik234 December 05, 2007
A phrase used in reply to someone when you haven’t been listening to what they said. Normally only used when the person is known to be a constant moaner or known to be obsessive and a rambling idiot.
Moaner: ‘I can’t believe that they still haven’t fired him. Do you know what he did?’
Listener: "that's this place for you"

Moaner: ‘Last night I got home and the water was off and my gas had run out!’
Listener: "that's this place for you"

Moaner: ‘I handed in my resignation and they accepted it!’
Listener: "that's this place for you"
by Maverik234 May 14, 2010
To lose all benefits after losing one's job

To be fired twice

This normally relates to people who are made redundant or released early from a contract on full benefits but then go and do something so stupid that they are terminated for cause, losing all.
Employee 1: Can you believe that useless babbling idiot gets to sit at home for the next 4 months on full pay?

Employee 2: Not anymore, he's been Jounied. He got drunk and assaulted the security guard, so they fired his ass!
by Maverik234 February 05, 2010
To be fired from your employment while on vacation.
Poor old Surdin, sitting in Thailand getting a BJ having a great of a time and he gets pacoed!
by Maverik234 September 16, 2009
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