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When you give your girlfriend something to do so she doesnt spend so much time trying to talk to you
Boyfriend: hey honey im back from shopping i just bought sims 3
Girlfriend: oh really ive never tried it
Boyfriend: here go ahead... (gives disc) -thinks: yes! it worked!
(Girlfriend disapears)
(Boyfriend at peace in living room watching southpark and star trek)

...Subjected Hobby
by Maverick Aegis November 26, 2010
the trick of doing coke without your girlfriend knowing when your drinking with your friends and shes in the room.
Rocker: hey baby can you go upstairs and get me another beer?

Girlfriend: yeah sure, be right back

Rocker: k thanks looove yoooou (she turns the corner)

Girlfriend: (comes back) here you go honey (clueless)

...Toxic refill
by Maverick Aegis November 26, 2010
contrary of the other definition just be yourself; this one means when your high as hell with your buddy/ies and their trippin you out talking stupid trippy and you want them to act normal
Puffer: maaaaaaan im high
Passer: wonder if god exsists
Puffer: fuck god, keep it real, im high as shit
by Maverick Aegis November 26, 2010
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