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1 definition by Maverick 318

The state of mind in which a person, who due to lack of sleep, appears to have become heavily intoxicated. Often associated with inability to move body parts, laughing maniacally at idiotically simple actions or objects, incredible randomness, and revealing secrets that normally would not be brought up in conversation. Often for good reason.
Ted, in this situation, is experiencing sleepdrunk of the fourth degree.(1-5)

Jeff: Hey Ted.

Ted: Hey Jeff. Haha. Jefffff. Je-ffff JeffFFFFF JEEEEEFFFFFFFF! JEEEFFEEEE! ASK JEEVES!!! HE KNOWS! HE KNOWS EVERYTHING! BUT NOOOOO! ERBODY'S LIKE, "If it takes a hen and a half a day and a half to lay an egg an a half, how many flapjacks can fit on a doghouse?" AND THE OTHER GUY'S LIKE, "I don't know, Google it." DAMN YOU GOOGLE! YOU MONOPOLISTIC SON OF A BITCH! HAVE YOU NO SOUL?!?! ONLY YOU CAN START AS A NOUN AND END UP A VERB! AGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Jeff: ....Um....Dude......
.......Jeeves sucks.

Ted: Sucks. Haha. Socks. Wanna know a funny word?

Jeff: Sure...Is it socks..?

Ted: NO! It's socks.

Jeff: Okay...Ted you really nee-

by Maverick 318 March 16, 2008