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2 definitions by Mauve Muffin

Cute small fluffy dog that has a monkey face.
-Mommy mommy I want to have a pet monkey!
-Monkeys are animals that have to live free in nature and not captured. I will get you an Affenpinscher instead!!!
by Mauve Muffin August 06, 2011
A nice country with beautiful nature. Everything is pretty well organised. The food is great. Education is perfect. The hospitals are like 5 stars hotels. Low criminality rate. You don't need any drugs to get stoned as the constant darkness makes you feel stoned for at least 2 weeks after you arrive there until you get used to it. People drink too much and they get ridiculous, like vomiting everywhere, pee on the street in front of other people (women do it, too, I was a witness) and give blow jobs in clubs' toilets. It's so weird, how come they always need to get so drunk to have fun or flirt. The clubs close very early. If you don't like heavy metal music, you won't be happy if you live there.
Nononono don't sit here, there is vomit all over this couch
Ohhh I forgot we are in Finland
by Mauve Muffin August 06, 2011