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Someone who is too "straight", "clean" or "square". Two possible etymologies. In Australia: originally a developer who chops down wattle (Acacia) trees, taming the wilderness. Everywhere else: originally someone who uses Autotune. If you gently karate-chop your adam's apple when you sing, you can sound like you are using autotune.
Have you ever seen Joe bust a move? I haven't either. He must be a wattle chopper.
by Mauritius Moorhen May 18, 2011
A. A tough person (either gender, any ethnicity, usually over 22) who can get really pissed off about all the right things (hipsters, gamers without social skills, big government) but doesn't make a big deal about it. Mionas show up at protests, just because it's a good thing to do- they usually protest individually. They do not recognize themselves as a group. Mionas like being good with their hands, and camping, though sometimes they just like the idea of camping and frequently get lost if they do it.
B. A groove/dance rhythm halfway between drum 'n' bass and samba.
Camping with an absent-minded miona would be ridiculously annoying if she wasn't so nice about it.

I wanna miona all day long.
by Mauritius Moorhen January 17, 2013
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