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Excruciatingly difficult meaning of: A Plural; a group of (units/people) saluting and or "Hailling" an object B Singular; A person attempting to "Obvuscate" the attempt of "saluting" an officer of Royal Court to obtain some form "Merit" within the targeted officers "Reprituar" to attain social stabillity C Plural, Suportive; a vote of consensus with a singular "Entity"/person as a represenitive of the "Group" to administer the request of "Listenning"/observe to the mandate in paper on a topic of interest.
A :: Situation={a religious "Mass" in front of a cross, weither in silence or chanting} and/or {a person to use a "Personnal Computer" and "Surf" the "Net", even if there is only one person utillizing the "Net" at a given point of time, time dialation has no sense of deffinition in this explanitory remark}

B :: Scene={officer walking on a street, then a person - unaffiliated with and/or unknownst of person but knownst of stature - comes within eye-sight of the officer}
Officer either takes gesture of acknowledgement to the new-comer(noob) or continues glaring into same direction and/or avoid eye-contacts, the noob attempts to use deffinition, it is upto the officer to ackknowledge in form that'd best fit to preformed judgement.

C Simplest form of explanation, Diplomatic practice in the form of: a minourity of people to gather input within and from their own masses, then pass-over the information to a Represenative that could/maybe/possibly able to inform a "Communist of influence" for the ideal of information. This is the long term deffinition to "Hailing" an external Source/Entity/Mass to establish a "Diplomatic Relations for Informative Exchange" connection.
by Maurice Clarence Jr' Cormier January 16, 2008
A nick name used in a elderly cartoon show that didnt air-on-television-tubes for very long, "Bucky O'Hare".
The show was based upon a Green fur coloured JackRabbit like Rodent, named Bucky O'Hare, the T.V. show aired for about 1 years, almost making 2. This bunny was playing a role of a Law Enforcement officer in space, with a merry crew to aide/assist him. The time aired was around 1989-1994, going on this reporters' stressed out and unimportant momeries of recollection.
there is no example to give onto this deffinition due to the fact it is a "Nickname"-Bucky in a Television show cartoon, based on the main Star/Character of said show.
by Maurice Clarence Jr' Cormier January 16, 2008

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