27 definitions by Maurice

a female who likes to give oral sex
that girl is a nut bag
by Maurice November 15, 2003
Anyone person who disses or disrespects someone that has what they don't. Especially any human being that doesn't belong in America, that has a cold ass heart enough to diss a beautiful, innocent, and sweet hearted angel like Aaliyah.
You's a hater
by Maurice July 03, 2003
a manly looking woman who likes woman
she is a butch
by Maurice November 15, 2003
War is like when you have sex.
dang son she tryin start a war up in the bed.
by Maurice February 21, 2005
a dike looking fenal
She is a bull dagger
by Maurice November 15, 2003
A woman who dances at a club and takes of her clothes for money
DAMN they got some big booty strippers at that web-site bigbootyclub.com
by Maurice November 15, 2003

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