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n. A relative so distant it is safe to engage in sexual relations without fear of incest.
She's dating her cousin, but don't worry, he's a not a kissing cousin, more of a fucking cousin.
by Maureen O'Connor July 10, 2004
n. A distant relative known well enough to kiss when greeting. To be distinguished from fucking cousin.
I'm not sure exactly how I'm related to him, he's just a kissing cousin.
by Maureen O'Connor July 10, 2004
Exhibiting both bourgeois and ghetto characteristics.
Lil' Kim indulges her bourgetto side by having trashy-flashy hundred dollar bills painted onto her nails.
by Maureen O'Connor July 20, 2004
A planned attack, committed by two or more internet-savvy people, which uses instant message to assault, interrogate, or incriminate a third party.
My attempt to date two boys at once fell apart when they IMbushed me, demanding I fess up.
by Maureen O'Connor July 10, 2004

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