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2 definitions by Mauler MMA

A term coined by mixed martial arts promoter Jeff Osborne to describe inexperienced, Johnny-come-lately fans who jump on the MMA bandwagon and immediately act like experts on training, fighting and promoting.
"This guy has never fought, never trained, never promoted, and only started watching MMA a couple of years ago, but he thinks he knows more about the sport than guys who've been in it forever -- what a fucking nouchebag!"
by Mauler MMA July 07, 2013
A relative of the Mall Zombie, these specimens usually travel in groups of three to six, spreading themselves out over the full width of a sidewalk to prevent anyone behind them from getting past without pulling a "Red Rover" maneuver. Like the Mall Zombie, Sidewalk Linebackers often eat themselves into maximum girth to increase their progress-blocking capabilities.
Dude, I would have been on time but I spent the last three blocks trapped behind these fucking Sidewalk Linebackers!
by Mauler MMA January 06, 2011