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While giving it to a girl from behind, spit on the arch of her back and moan as if you have completed, when she turns to thank you, blow your load in her face and yell, "Abra Kadabra Bitch!!!" or some other magic word, to give it the hudini effect
"I was giving it to shannon last night and pulled a hudini, when she turned around i shot it in her face and yelled SHAZZAM
by Mattmangold469 March 03, 2004
To have a girl give you head, and when your about to cum, and she starts to pull off... grab her head and force her down on your dick making cum come out of her nose. Hard to do but it can happen
I showed jill the dragons breath, and she wont stop smellin giz for a week
by Mattmangold469 March 03, 2004
A man who either appears to be gay, or is pissing you off so much you think he is homosexual in nature.
Step off my koolaid you assmonkey, this is my bitch.
by Mattmangold469 March 03, 2004

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