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Is the largest mall in the Western Hemisphere of the world and the fourth largest on the planet. Calgarians like to bash West Edmonton Mall just because they have nothing that comes even close to being its rival.

Is home to the world's largest parking lot (20,000 spaces) and has over 800 stores. Its many attractions include, a life sized replica of the Santa Maria (Christopher Columbus's first and largest ship), an indoor water park (second largest in the world), the world's largest indoor amusement park, a world class hotel, and much much more.

West Edmonton Mall is the main tourist attraction and life of Alberta.

Some antonyms of West Edmonton Mall include: Chinook Mall, Calgary, and Southcentre Mall.
by Mattlafrance April 29, 2008
Is the fear of being anywhere south of Red Deer or north of the United States border into Alberta.
Symptoms often include IQ's dropping 100 points, necks spontaneously enflaming and turning red, an enormous spike in arrogance, and the craving to put on a cowboy hat and hump his/ her sibling.

The only cure to this phobia is to keep heading north to Edmonton where the people are classy, the sports teams are better and more passionate, the shopping centres are superior, and the river valley is beautiful.
Some related phobias and diseases to Calgarophobia are: Calgarianitis, Hickitis, Redneckophobia, Arrogantitis.
by Mattlafrance April 29, 2008
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