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pen·io·saur (pen-nigh-o-s-argh'us, wre-cks-) A very large vagnivorous peninosaur of the Upper Crustaceous Period of North America, characterized by a small neck, large head and scaley skin. A vaginal intruder, the true king of the peniosaurs.
In a prehistoric times, it wasn't all that uncommon for a peniosaurus rex, to destroy a whole flock of ptwatodactyls.
by Mattie Macabre November 10, 2007
A huge penis, may've killed (or belonged to) dinosaurs its so big.
"You may not wanna hook up with that guy, hes put 7 girls in the hospital because he unleashed his peninosaur on their ptwatodactyls."
by Mattie Macabre November 10, 2007
1.) The last bit of time that peninosaurs walked the earth.
2.) A scab-like period, in which the poor girl bleeds clotted blood wads, that are...you guessed it... "crusty."
"Her Crustaceous period, caused her to bleed even more, as it cut her insides"
by Mattie Macabre November 10, 2007

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