3 definitions by Mattie Ice

The response you get to a perfectly reasonable request. Usually mouthed by a jackass or a chump.
"Hey Nat, wanna go to Panache?"
"ehh fuk dat shit"
by Mattie Ice September 07, 2005
A type of death metal which involves extreme pig noises. Found in Fresh Prince of Metal and Emilio Estevez/Death Metal.
Common Pig Metal: Squuuuuuuuuuuuu Er er er erer eror er er er ererer o erer ber ber ber er or er berber er ree ro er reeeeeee
by Mattie Ice February 17, 2009
An extreme dislike/hatred of extremely ugly people. There is no cure.
Me: umm, can you not come within 50 feet of me? I have anthropocacophobia.
by Mattie Ice February 17, 2009

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