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Was a place in Massachusetts where did you did not want to go to from the 60's through the 90's. Located in doechester Ma. Also known as Harbor Point when the name was officially changed in 1988. The people in Columbia Point were known for there resources and very good connections or to "what ever you want". The people were also known for robberies, drugs, and gun play. Cops, ambulance and firemen rarely visited durring the 60's 70's 80's.
1. "You from the columbia point?" Do you know so and so...
2. "You going to the point?" Ok... well... Ill just wait here.
3. "You from the point?" Yes, "I heard about yall!"
4. "You should not go to the point unless you are strapped!"
by Matti-Ali June 10, 2009
The act in which the man while having sex with the female (any position) randomly pulls out of her vagina ties her up, the male then ties a pillow case around his head as a bandana and then grabs her throat and begins to fuck her as hard as he possible could while screaming out random pirate commands. After about 20 minutes of hardore fucking and parate quptes he then standover her as a capinmorgan pose with her purse in her hand and pillages through it while she is bound.
"Oh the chick from the club last night? I had to give her the pirates passion."

She looks like she needs my pirates passion.
by Matti-Ali June 10, 2009

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