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It's like a donkey punch, but instead of injaculating in her anus after hitting her in the back of the head, you stick your arm in her anus more than 4 times.
Matt: Rocket donkey punch that shit man!

Andrew: What's that?

Matt: Smack her in the back of the head and stick your arm in her ass 4 times!!

Andrew: Ahhh!!
by Matthew X February 22, 2010
Not only are you a gay faggot, but you're a higher class fag. Bddddasically meaning, your more of a fag than other faggots. It can also be used as Class-A-Fag.
Ahh Andrew, your watching Bravo?! Man your a Class-A-Faggot!!
by Matthew X March 26, 2010
Having sex with a girl doggy style and rocket donkey punching her at the same time.
Matt: Dude, i did the system error on my girlfriend last night!!

Andrew: What the hell is that?

Matt: i did her doggy, and then i stuck my arm in her butthole man!!

Andrew: Ahh dude!! not cool!!
by Matthew X February 22, 2010

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