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Diarrhea at it's worst. The kind that splatters out all at once into the bowl and splashes water all over your butt.
"Wow after that Indian Food last night I crapped out a huge heapin' bowl of Carolina Butt Slop!!!"
by Matthew Walker May 15, 2006
A funny joke. When you laugh so hard it makes your uvula flap back and forth.
Matt: "That joke really cracked me up!!"
Andrew: "Yeah, it was a real Uvula Slammer"
by Matthew Walker May 02, 2006
A mixture of garbage and human vomit. Often found on hotel truck docks and around homeless shelters.
Yuck! I stepped in a honkin' puddle of garbarf this morning!!
by Matthew Walker May 02, 2006
Any small facinating nipple-like object that you can enjoy, play with, fondle or adjust, and get personal satisfaction.
The nu-nu doinkers in the hot tub were spraying out hot and pulsating water. -OR- The television signal was not too good so after I twiddled several nu-nu doinkers the reception was perfect.
by Matthew Walker April 10, 2006
An icky puddle of stinky goo.
"Andrew tracked in a pile of stinkfilth all over my new carpet"!!!
by Matthew Walker May 02, 2006
Any unidentifiable small piece of lint or crumb.
The resturant table was covered in broggles so we moved to another table.
by Matthew Walker April 09, 2006
The gratifying experience when you have a cold and you snort a blob of snot through your nasal passages and it slides down your throat and into your stomach.
Matt: "Wow that sneeze was snotblobalicious"
Andrew: "That was disgusting!!!!"
by Matthew Walker May 02, 2006

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