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1. a pimp. someone who has many women.
2. something/someone really cool
Mikes been with a ton of chicks. Hes a regular cunt hustler.
by Matthew Tye October 12, 2004
amazing, very good, so very very good
your the beadalicious beadsicle
by matthew tye October 20, 2004
1. Someone who likes Porsche vehicles. A Porsche fanatic of sorts.

2. Someone who races Porsche vehicles professionaly, or for a hobby.
You going to the auto cross race this weekend? They are racing Porsches-- there's gonna be Nachii's everywhere.
by Matthew Tye April 11, 2006
1. A Nachii is a fan of Porsche vehicles. Nachii's live, eat, sleep, and breathe these cars, and their ultimate goal in life is to own one someday.

2. A Porsche enthusiast.
The new 2007 Porsche 911 Carrera S is nearly out, Nachii's all over the world are going to flip when they hear this!
by Matthew Tye April 06, 2006
another way to write Penis. Write Penis, then change the letters into Boo98.
Boo98=Penis. When you write penis and you need to change it, write Boo98
by Matthew Tye October 12, 2004
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