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This is a random thing I came up with and has become well used in many schools all because I called it my brother.

This is basically what the word says...

a merge or dumb and remedial
Person 1: - How do I change the channel on the TV
Person 2: - Use the remote... you dumbmedial lol
by Matthew Parkes November 09, 2007
The art of trying to make it look like someone's got a choice while narrowing their own ability to choose what they want to do.
Example: -
Person 1: - It's your choice but would you like to take your brothers and sisters out to the shops or the park.
Person 2: - '*thinks* "well I wasn't planning to take them, but you'll moan if I don't :| err empty choices Oo"' the parks fine.
Person 1: - Great, well it's your choice remember...
Person 2: - *Sigh* yup :/
by Matthew Parkes March 21, 2010
Nomally used when someone attempts to do something impressive only to fail at it miserably.
Example: -

Person 1: Watch me to this backflip .. *thud*
Person 2: *laugh* you Fliptripped that one
by Matthew Parkes February 05, 2010
A person who dictates what song you will listen to without giving the choice of if you want to listen to it or not ...

Normally found on buses or by inconsiderate people in a closed space with other people and normally in conjuction with the loadspeaker feature in their mobile phone.
Example: -
Person 1: - Hey can you hear that guy at the back of the bus?
Phone: - *thud* *thud* *bang* *mutter*
Peraon 2: - yup ... could you turn it off please?
Phone: - *thud* *thud* *bang* *mutter*
Person 1: - god he's such a song nazi
Person 2: - I know OO
by Matthew Parkes June 09, 2010
The art of someone trying to make an item look or sound better then what it is and then not being pleased when you

realise what the product is.

The word is built up of a Product inwhich has been made to be more Appreciated in look or value making you Depreciated about getting it.
Example: -
Person 1: - You love rice pudding don't you?
Peraon 2: - yup :D
Person 1: - god look 9p a tin and it's what you want
Person 2: - ... yup :| '*thinks* god Product De-Appreciation'
by Matthew Parkes March 21, 2010
Sarcastic way of wishing yourself luck to someone else knowing you'll never be able to fullful the wanted outcome.

gl2t = good luck to that
Person 1: Beat my score
Person 2: gl2t Oo
Person 1: huh?
Person 2: I have no chance :O
by Matthew Parkes February 19, 2011
Be back in a few days
Person 1: I've been invited to a friends party ... bbiafd
Person 2: kk ttyl
by Matthew Parkes November 20, 2010

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