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Used as an exclaimative remark.
Johnny: Check out that chick's rack.
Dave: Sweet Midget Nipples! Those suckers are huge!
by Matthew J. Pieper August 29, 2006
Pronounced: Ji - Gan - Dick

Term used to describe a massive object.
Tim: Did you see that lincoln log I left in the toilet last nite?
John: Yeah, that thing was gigandick!
by Matthew J. Pieper August 29, 2006
Noun - Pronounced: ur - Ah - Fag
A name that you give out when replying to a new person who tells you their own name, and then asks what yours is.

You're supposed to reply in a sweet tone, and often in a subtle way. The "fag" part must be slightly elongated as to add more of a sweetness to the phrase.
New Kid: He dude, my name's Tom, what's yours?
You: Eura.. Eura Fag.
by Matthew J. Pieper August 29, 2006
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