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-the time of year when they sell pinata's in the grocery store.

-a random thing to say to express, akwardness and confusion

usually said with a lack luster or lifeless tone
"When do you want to work on our project?"
"Pinata Season..."

Parents: "So (your name here) what was this marijuana doing in your sock drawer, huh?"

You: "Pinata Season..."
by Matthew J. Damon November 14, 2007
the pinnacle of doucheness, usually born with it, or can be obtained through years and years of training. This person/animal/object is such a douchebag that it is inscribed, in hieroglyphics, on the walls of the tomb of King Tut himself. Basically you don't want to be this or be called this, this is the true "N" word.
I met this guy the other day, huge nieraeth.

Kill me if i ever turn into a nieraeth.

I had a piece of pizza today, it tasted like nieraeth, so i fed it to the cat.

That substitute teacher we had, was the definition of nieraeth.

by Matthew J. Damon November 14, 2007

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