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Another word for being out of it on drugs. To get messy. He's well messy etc.
I can't be arsed to go out tonight mate. Gonna plot at home, have a few beers and get messy on the powder.
by Matthew Dyer August 13, 2004
Pronounced feece.
An abbreviation of the word faeces (meaning shit or poo etc).
A different way to say it.
No way Ben, I ain't going to see that film, it's faec!
I'd rather faec all over the floor and roll around in it.
by Matthew Dyer January 10, 2006
A word for cocaine, derived from the word sniff.

Got any sniff?

Got any sniffles?
I like to buy a bit of sniffles every weekend. We'll go twos on that gram.
by Matthew Dyer August 12, 2004
Someone who is boring, or a let down. Derived from the word Barry (Barry Manilow).

"Don't be a Barry" or "Don't be a Manilow."
Ben: I can't be bothered to go out tonight.
Matt: Ah, don't be a manilow!
by Matthew Dyer July 12, 2004
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