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Cloud's Final Limit of Final Fantasy 7. Second only to Knights of the Round. In Final Fantasy Tactics they added a second Final Limit to Cloud called Cherry Blossom. A devastating 16 hit attack.
My friend got Omnislash on Disc 1. They have a guide at http://originalnintendo.net/blog/2008/12/omnislash-disc-1-clouds-final-limit-of.html
#omnislash #cloud #final fantasy 7 #ff7 #final limit
by Matthew Corgan January 05, 2009
An obese african boxing coach to Lil Mac from Punch-Out!
Doc Mac stole my bike on LSD. see http://originalnintendo.net/blog/2008/12/doc-mac-naked-on-lsd-fan-art.html
#doc mac #punch-out! #lil mac #nes #lsd
by Matthew Corgan December 19, 2008
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