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HIGH-lar-i-us (adj): A particularly clever yet unpretentious joke or situation which does not readily present itself as humorous absent higher intellectual processing. The rare occurrence where a British-style pun is actually quite funny. This definition, however, explicitly excludes esoteric, disciplinary humor such as that shared amongst PhD candidates, law-students and anyone remotely associated with the New Yorker.
1. It took me a while to realize that John Doe was actually highlarious.
2. "Everybody Loves Raymond" is neither highlarious, nor remotely funny for that matter. See: crimes against humanity.
#dry humor #puntastic #straight man #the daily show #sustained-release humor.
by Matthew November 19, 2005
A sub sandwich that was dropped on the floor while the customer wasn't lookin and still given to him to eat.
Dude, Scott's eating that nasty ass floor sub, should we tell him.... NO!
by Matthew March 26, 2005
related to anal and wev basicly a mixture of the two, basicly fliddy purple creatures butt fucking each other
purple playtypus having ses with a butt
by matthew December 24, 2004
A line of saliva connection mouth to penis, usually after a sloppy blowjob.
When Jessalyn's lips left my cock, her saliva formed a sweet spit trail.
by Matthew January 20, 2004
A dramatic way of saying one kicked ass or beat someone up.
He came at me, so I went all matrix on his ass.
by Matthew November 14, 2003
To get something to drink.
the act of bevrication
I am thirsty so I will bevricate before we go to the store.
by Matthew October 26, 2003
KoRn paying out limp bizket
you can never buck me up bizlimpket
by matthew April 05, 2003
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