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1- Dialing code used for the majority of the Birmingham area.

2- Rhyming slang used by one of my sad bastard telephone engineer mates to replace the phrase 'do one'
"I've finished work now, so i'm gonna 0121"

"This guy asked for a free phone extension, so I told him to 0121"
by Mattclarke83 July 19, 2005
Describes something as surpassing the expected. Same definition as bostin, only it can be used in a different style. Used mostly in Birmingham area.
"That balti last night was a right boster!"

"Blues beating the villa is always a boster"
by mattclarke83 May 16, 2005
Phrase used to describe a person who is scared of parking close, or next to roadside curbs, for fear of scuffing or scratching their new alloys or rims.
Person A: Damn!! Why's Matt takin so long to park?! He can normally throw that car into any space!

Person B: Ah, he's got those new alloys, he must have 'the fear'.

Person A: Fo' Sho'.
by Mattclarke83 August 21, 2005
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