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The act of masturbation with one hand. Usually only applies to males.
"She wouldn't let me near her in bed last night, so I went into the kitchen, cracked open a beer and had a Five Knuckle Shuffle."
#masturbation #wank #wanquilizer #knocking the hat off #sherman tank #j. arthur #stripping the willow #bashing the balony pony #twanging the one stringed bass #whipping the bishop
by Mattaus Muller December 16, 2009
When you're unable to get to sleep so you masturbate to a climax, just to make yourself drowsy.
"I tried everything to get to sleep last night, in the end all I needed was a quick Wanquilizer and I was out like a light"
#wank #sleep #tranquilizer #five knuckle shuffle #jack off.
by Mattaus Muller December 15, 2009
The condom which you have reserved for a special female. Pentonville Road runs between King's Cross and Angel Islington in London and the Pentonville Rubber is only for use between a king and an angel.
She's so fit I'd get out my Pentonville Rubber for her.

I'll use my Pentonville rubber if she'll let me fuck her
#condom #sex #fit #fuck #johnny #rubber #pentonville #shag
by Mattaus Muller April 27, 2009
A guy who plays away, suspects that he has caught some sort of STI, but continues to bang his woman or she will suspect something.

Relates to the the Cockney Rebel who tagged along with Steve Harley.
Brian "I banged that Mongolian bird from the pub last week, I think I caught something from her, but I still need to shag the missus or she will know I've been doing the dirty"

Keith "oh man, you really are a Cock-Acne Rebel"
#sti #fucking around #doing the dirty #fuck #bastard #dirty dog #top man.
by Mattaus Muller December 22, 2011
Matt's taking his time, what's he doing in there, twanging the one stringed bass?
#five knuckle shuffle #wanking #knocking the hat off #stripping the willow #jerking #wanquilizer
by Mattaus Muller November 11, 2011
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