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A mixed race person who has parents of Swedish and Ethiopian origins. The unique feature of a Swediopian is they can be black and have blonde hair.
Swedish + Ethiopian = Swediopian
by Mattaldinho July 30, 2008
Hangliding on a friday refers to the superstition that it is bad luck to hang glide on a friday. The superstition originated thanks to the mass hangliding tragedy of 1972, where 18 hang gliders lost control of their instruments in Lancashire, England as gale force winds ruthlessly sent them flying around in dangerous circles. 7 people died and the weather had been fine the whole month apart from that day, the previous friday and the following friday.
"I'm going hang gliding with my fiance on friday"
"WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH, you don't wanna be doing that, remember the mass hangliding tragedy of 1972! You should never go hangliding on a friday!"
by mattaldinho April 27, 2010
When something or someone is sponsored by an unhealthy product which is inappropriate or frowned upon to advertise.
You can't let Budweiser be your sponsor, it encourages people to drink alcohol, that's a prime example of lasdection
by Mattaldinho December 24, 2010
A term coined by UK Grime artist; JME, meaning a phone call that you don't answer. Stems from the term 'rhetorical question' which is a question that doesn't require an answer, such as "Are you silly blad?".
When she phones me I can't be bothered to answer, might as well call it a rhetorical phone call
by Mattaldinho December 12, 2010
Another word for stealing something. To gatch is to steal, a gatch is someone who steals a lot, like a robber.
1. "Blud I dare you gatch that mandem's bag"
2. "Allow that mandem, he's a gatch"
by Mattaldinho December 06, 2008

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