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A vagina that has been in disuse for a number of years; personal hygiene has always been a bit of a grey area for the owner of the Gash Pasty. The flaky outside, combined with with a not-so delicious greasy, meaty filling resembles a pasty. Of course, not all pasties smell like rancid cheese.
Tim: That was the worst gash pasty i've ever eaten out. From now on, I'm vegetarian.
by Matt_Owen August 07, 2005
An unrealistic plot device, utilised in a film to tie up any loose ends that a stupid and/or confusing script happens to offer to the viewer.
See Wolverine Origins.

Stryker:'This adamantium bullet should tie up any plot holes!'
by Matt_Owen May 19, 2009
A group of forty-something obese women in a Nissan Micra, listening to Destiny's Child whilst searching the streets for cock.
John: Where can i get an easy shag?

Simon: From that pigbox over there.
by Matt_Owen August 06, 2005

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