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75% obi won and 25% sacajawea

with all the mind controlling abilities of a jedi coupeled with the pure power of a Dominatrix. In fact it is possible that this creature can easily lead people to their doom by sucking their soul through their eyes.
steve: crikey look at this obi-won sacajanobi
steve: crikey it stabbed me in the HeART!
steve: crikey my eye
by Matt9942501 March 07, 2007
in use of the sentce with dawhoa a number can express the amount you are hoping to obtain
if your hella thirsty

5 is usally the base degree of dawhoa.

Dude i need a sippy sippy 10 dawhoa (notice 10, not 5)

maybe if one ran a marathon, the paticular individual might need a sippy (1 sippy cause their tired) 20 dawhoa

by Matt9942501 March 06, 2007
Noun, a way to put emphasism on the the end of a sentance that would normally use dollar
guy1: dude im thirsty, give me a sip
guy2: fuck u
guy1: not even a sippy sippy five dawhoa?


I just need a dawhoa.

Dawhoa in a sentence.
by Matt9942501 March 06, 2007
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