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Only the best sex ever. Send texts of what you wish you were doing to the other person but know you never will. Get texts back of what they are pretending to do to you but you will really only ever do it to your self. Text sex - the worlds new way of pretending to have sex.
I have a big imagination thats why i have text sex.
by Matt111 January 05, 2008
A word that seems like only blacks know the true meaning of. I always thought it meant a dislike towards people of a different color until a black guy called me racist for not giving him my wallet.
Black guy: Hey whitey do you know what time it is?
White guy: No im sorry I don't know.
Black guy: Oh I get it you don't know the time cause im black.
White guy: Your kidding right?
Black guy: You racist bitch, I go get all my gangstas and we be poppin caps in yo cracka ass.
by Matt111 January 06, 2008
either you think its bad to say fuck so you say it without actally saying it but your typing it anyway so whats the difference, say it or dont. If this isnt the reason then your just to god damn lazy to type the letter c. or its not a fag reason like this and everyone should just stop asuming your gay like that cause really that key on your keyboard or what ever the hell your typing with is really just broken so fuck off, there happy i said it, i said fuck so fuck you all damn it.
Fuk that stupid letter on my fuking keyboard is going razy again i an't stand when my omputers keyborad does this rap.
by Matt111 January 05, 2008
At the last supper jesus said a bunch of shit and then "take my blood and drink it" he then handed to the apostles a can of amp.
Dude, stop trying to have sex with my amp.
by Matt111 January 05, 2008
Many people think that man made mountain dew, what they don't realize is mountain dew made man.
I just drank a mountain dew...I think I just ejaculated in my pants.
by Matt111 January 05, 2008
Noun: A very irritating person (not including rey mystero).

Verb: Jumping the border.

Language: Spanish and only spanish, even if they are in
America. You speak spanish for them or they
never stop talking spanish in attempt to get you
to understand...why do we take this shit?

Paycheck: $2 an hour 24 hours a day

Attitude: Don't hate me cause im ruining your country.
Your just jealous cause Mexico is better then this
America country which is exctly why i snuck over
Yesterday I went to a Mexican resteraunt with my family and asked the waiter if there was anything besides shit wrapped in a 1 millimeter thin slice of bread stuff. He said no but we serve all kinds of stuff in them like shrimp. I asked why the hell would you put shrimp in some fucked up piece of bread. He answered "im mexican."
by Matt111 January 05, 2008

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